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This Year, We Went Overboard.

Antibalas • Todd Barry • Greg Behrendt • W. Kamau Bell • Guy Branum • Matt Braunger • Tony Camin • Chris Fairbanks • Jean Grae • Kyle Kinane • Carol Kolb • LAKE • Morgan Murphy • John Roderick


Got questions about the Atlantic Ocean Comedy & Music Festival? Hopefully your answers are right here. If they’re not, we can still help. For questions about the festival, email our events director, Amanda Anderson, at Want to know more details about the ship’s onboard facilities? You can check out the Enchantment of the Seas website right here.

Q: I’ve never heard of a “themed cruise” before. Are you the first and only one?

A: Yes. Yes we are.

Q: Will this be really fun?

A: You bet your bippy it will be.

Q: Do I need a passport?

A: Yes, though you can use a passport card instead. Passport cards, which are valid for non-air travel to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean, are somewhat more convenient and somewhat less expensive than traditional passport books. Remember to apply for your passport well in advance of travel. An awesome MaxFunster put together a comprehensive guide to the ins & outs of the passport process, which you can check out here.

Q: When does the ship set sail and arrive?

A: You can board the ship as early as 11 AM but NO later than 2 PM on Friday July 25th. You can expect to leave the ship around 9 or 10 AM on July 28th. The cruise line suggests you not book outgoing travel before 1 PM if you’re flying out of Orlando International Airport. We strongly suggest that folks with longer itineraries consider booking a reduced-price hotel room with us at our host hotel for the evening of the 24th. We’ll have a special reception and party for cruise attendees, and you can enjoy a drink and music from our DJ.

Q: I went last year. What’s the difference between that ship and the new ship?

A: Basically, this one’s just all-around better. The rooms are bigger at every level. The ship itself is bigger. It cruises faster. The windows are bigger. It’s newer and it was refurbished in 2012. It’s got 6 whirlpools instead of 2. It has more bars. There are two sweet suspension bridges. There’s a trampoline! And there’s a crazy fountain that acts as a kids’ Splash Deck by day, and fiber-optic water show by night! Like we said, all-around better.

Q: Is the cruise family-friendly?

A: The cruise is family friendly; the shows are not. Our comedy shows in particular will have strong language and adult themes. In our estimation, they’d be fine for worldly teenagers, but not appropriate for kids. It is, of course, your kids and your call. Our concert will be… a rock concert. That said, the ship has free activities for children three and over all day long, parent-supervised activities for infants and young toddlers, and baby sitting available until late at night for a very affordable rate ($10/hour and less). Also, the cruise line does not allow children under 6 months of age or women who are more than 24 weeks pregnant to go on the cruise. If you’re interested in bringing your family, email Amanda to learn more about the available options.

Q: Will there be group activities on board ship?

A: Absolutely! We’re coordinating some fun activities, and we’re planning all kinds of stuff, like a shuffleboard tournament and a trivia contest. If past evidence is any guide, our attendees will be planning some group activities themselves. Specifics will be announced as we get closer to the sail date.

Q: How are rooms assigned?

A: As on all cruises, your ticket is based on double occupancy. It’ll get you a berth in a room with a special bed that’s designed to split in two as necessary. If you’re traveling with someone else, you’ll share a room with that person. If you’re traveling alone, we’ll assign you a roommate. When you register, be sure to let us know your evening proclivities so we can make sure to put compatible folks together. If you’d like a room alone, they’re certainly available, but are more expensive.

Q: What’s included in my registration?

A: Your registration includes:

  • Your berth, government taxes and fees

  • All of our exclusive nightly entertainment

  • Use of the onboard gym

  • An almost unbelievable volume of food, including 24-hour room service

  • Basic level of gratuities for your housekeeping and wait staff

Q: I don’t like surprises. What’s NOT included in my registration?

The registration covers everything you need for the best time ever. Things it doesn’t cover, which can be billed to your room, include:

  • Alcoholic beverages & sodas

  • Use of the spa

  • Casino play

  • Royal Caribbean shore excursions

  • “Specialty” dining venues

  • Ship to shore telephone & internet access

  • Personal expenses (purchases made in shipboard stores; pre- and/or post-cruise hotel; shuttle to/from airport; extra gratuities for particularly excellent service; etc.)

  • Medical services

NOTE: Gratuities, taxes and fees are subject to minor change. You will be notified in the event of any increases.

OTHER NOTE: Royal Caribbean International reserves the right to impose a fuel supplement on all guests if the price of West Texas Intermediate fuel exceeds $65.00 per barrel. The fuel supplement for 1st and 2nd guests would be no more than $10 per guest per day, to a maximum of $140 per cruise; and for additional guests would be no more than $5 per person per day, to a maximum of $70 per cruise.

Q: Can I be That Guy and find cheaper tickets by booking tickets on your cruise through a different site, and tagging along with you guys anyways?

A: Yes and no. Yes, you can find slightly cheaper tickets elsewhere since we have not booked the entire ship. But no, you will not be able to participate in any of the exclusive and amazing Atlantic Ocean Comedy & Music Festival events that we provide. To get that experience, you’ve gotta go through us.

Trust us, we don’t like charging you more. But it takes a lot of time and money to put together something this special. We do everything we can to make this as affordable as possible, while simultaneously creating the best cruise experience you could ever imagine. The only reason we get the spaces for our shows and events from Royal Caribbean is because we’re booking all of these rooms ourselves. Thanks for understanding!

Q: I can’t imagine myself going on a cruise. This isn’t really a question, just a concern?

A: Don’t worry. There will be lots and lots of other people there who aren’t the kind of person who goes on a cruise. Our estimate is that 15-20% of our attendees will actually be reading David Foster Wallace’s landmark essay “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” while on board. Also: as it turns out, when there’s awesome stuff going on and great people, cruises are actually kind of great.

Q: When should I fly in?

A: We highly recommend getting into the Port Canaveral area (Orlando counts) on Thursday, the night before we leave. The boat leaves Friday afternoon and same-day travel can be unpredictable and stressful, and the boat is unable to wait if you’re running late. We’ve arranged a special rate at a hotel near the dock – we’ve got all the info how to book that right here.

Q: What’s up with the hotel and party the night before?

A: It can be tough to get to the dock in time for the cruise if you’re coming from out of town the day of. We’ve obtained a special rate at a conveniently-located hotel for the night before that also includes a shuttle to the ship and parking for the duration of the cruise (if needed), and we’ll be hosting a get-to-know-you party with our own DJ. Check out all the booking info here.

Q: How do I get to the ship?

A: If you’re staying at the hotel the night before the cruise, your shuttle to the ship is included. Otherwise, you can book shuttle transfers for transportation to and from local airports through Royal Caribbean (once you’ve booked your ticket and we’ve sent you your reservation number). We’ve got some more details here.

Q: I have dietary restrictions. Will there be food options for me?

A: Every dining venue has vegetarian options. Vegetarian curries are apparently particularly well-represented. We’ve heard that vegan diners may have to occasionally make special requests or supplement with food from the (many) (huge) buffets, but can get by fine. Generally speaking, the plethora of dining options and helpful cruise staff can accommodate almost any need. If you need to arrange special meals, once you’ve gotten your ticket and reservation number you can contact RCI directly at; please include in the e-mail your name(s), RCI reservation number, ship name and sail date. Special meal requests should be made no less than 45 days before sailing. (Vegetarian meals are available on all menus in the dining room and at the Windjammer Cafe every day, and do not require special requests).

Q: I’m sure you love Billy Ocean. How do you feel about Frank Ocean?

A: Love him.

Q: Is there a formal dinner?

A: Yes, of course. There is a formal dining night on board, hosted by the ship’s captain. Black tie is suggested (and goodness knows Jesse will be wearing black tie) but other formal/fancy clothes will suffice.

Q: Will someone be able to legally marry me to my romantic partner on board the ship?

A: Yeah, totally. Several people, actually. Let’s do this. Love is in the air sea!

Q: Does this cruise have a rival cruise?

A: Not officially, but we’re taking nominations.

Q: What’s the deal with tipping on board a cruise?

A: Having gone on this cruise ourselves, we can tell you that it is easy, affordable, and not at all nerve-wracking. Your ticket includes pre-paid gratuities, which covers housekeeping and wait staff, and you are welcome to tip them beyond that if you feel the staff have provided exemplary service. Here’s a guide from

Q: Will the cruise be exclusively festival attendees?

A: Not unless we sell a LOT of tickets. Most likely there will also be elderly people, pleasant families and 40-something single people just taking some time to themselves so they can figure some shit out.

Q: What is your cancellation policy, please?

A: The tickets are non-transferrable, and a partial refund of half of the purchase price is available upon request prior to April 30, 2014. If the cruise ITSELF is canceled by Royal Caribbean, we will be issuing full refunds (minus a small processing fee).

Because our contract with Royal Caribbean has no exceptions in its cancellation policy, we can’t make exceptions to our cancellation policy either (including but not limited to personal financial issues, adverse weather, or being denied boarding by Royal Caribbean for any reason, including health reasons). Consider buying trip insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances that could impact your ability to sail.

Please also note that the lineup is subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control, and we are unable to offer compensation should there be changes to the lineup. That being said, we did do our best to schedule this cruise at a time that works well for all of our performers.

Q: I am a Crown & Anchor Society member. Where do I enter my account info?

If you are a Crown & Anchor Society member, you’ll be able to enter your number when you fill out your registration form with us. Some benefits may not apply to this particular cruise—we don’t have any control over or special knowledge of this part of things, it’s all between you and Royal Caribbean.

Q: Wait, what’s this intriguing Crown & Anchor Society? Can I join, too?

A: Totally! It’s a rewards program for RCI guests, that provides “exclusive benefits and privileges to make your cruise experiences with Royal Caribbean International® even more spectacular.” Feel free to check out more info and enroll here (note that you can only enroll if you have cruised with Royal Caribbean before). If you joined us for the cruise last year you can still get that sailing credited to your account!

Q: Is there internet on board?

A: Yes, but it comes from OUTER SPACE, so it’s a little expensive.

Q: How about cell phone service?

A: You’re going to need to check with your cellular provider on that one. Most of them offer cruise roaming but, like the internet, it can be pricey.

Q: Is this just for people who know who Jesse Thorn is or listen to podcasts or whatever?

A: Absolutely not. This is for people who love great comedy and amazing music.

Q: It’s international waters, right? Can I gamble?

A: Yes, but please don’t murder.

Q: Really, that’s all the questions you think I have?

A: Nope, ask away! Send any questions you have to

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